Based in Patterson, NY, USA
Alyssa Dion is a military spouse, mother, and business strategist, who understands the unique challenges faced by military families and small businesses.
As the owner of AMGD Consulting, Alyssa specializes in supporting small business owners with marketing and technology solutions custom tailored to their needs and constraints.
“Past lives” include time spent as a graphic designer, photographer, teacher, barista, head pastry chef, and sous chef. Over the years she has worked, both, in-house and as an independent business/creative consultant across several industries, such as: music, specialty food retail, IT/cyber security, health/beauty, fashion, arts, hospitality, tattoo shops, film/tv, tourism, crystals/esoteric services, etc.
A noted “DIY Jack of All Trades,” her wide-ranging experiences allow her to bring a blend of creativity and business acumen to every project.
Passionate about empowering others and fostering connections, Alyssa utilizes her bespoke virtual “Help Desk” platform to share multiple knowledge points in an encouraging, community-supported environment.
Alyssa also serves as the Northeast Region Chapter Lead of the Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce. The Northeast Region Chapter covers: New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Rhode Island.
Quick facts [for the "personal trivia" types]:
• Favorite holidays: Halloween & Día de los Muertos
• Music preference(s): alt/indie, metal and punk rock
• Probably listening to a podcast on: history, law and/or true crime
• Former touring photographer for artists/musicians and private events
• 6+ years of experience in copywriting, editing and web development
• 18+ years of experience in brand development, content creation, graphic design and marketing
• Mother of one tiny human (and two four-legged terrors)
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