Alyssa Dion
(Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them)
Based in Patterson, NY, USA
Quick Facts from One Wild Life:
Mother of one tiny human (and two four-legged terrors)
Multiple (legitimate/non-mlm) business owner

Former head pastry chef and sous chef
Former marketing head in, both, the specialty food retail and IT/cyber security sectors
Former touring photographer for artists/musicians and private events

 6+ years of experience in copywriting, editing and web development
 18+ years of experience in brand development, content creation, graphic design and marketing
A noted “DIY Jack of All Trades,” Alyssa has worked, both, in-house and as an independent business/creative consultant across several industries (i.e. music, specialty food retail, IT/Cyber Security, health/beauty, fashion, arts, hospitality).

Random stuff [for the "personal trivia" types]:
 Favorite holidays: Halloween & Día de los Muertos
Music preference(s): alt/indie, metal and punk rock
 Probably listening to a podcast on: history, law and/or true crime
 Neurodivergent, with a fairly dark sense of humor (it's from all the trauma, thanks)
Interest pool includes (but isn't limited to): art, philosophy, psychology, recipe development
Makes baked goods/cookie care packages [with a percentage of sales supporting a charity each quarter] - here
with Duane Peters
with Duane Peters
with Henry Rollins
with Henry Rollins
with Steve-O
with Steve-O
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